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About Us

We take on projects we believe in, especially those that aim to align the incentives of all considered. We bring together a background in systems engineering, web services and sustainability. More often than not, people enjoy working with us because of our experience with diverse fields and technologies that continue to shape and enhance the world around us. This includes, but is not limited to: 3-D modeling, data mining, social entrepreneurship, languages and cultures, and social media tools. Our experience comes to us from working with both large and small corporations, government institutions, nonprofits, and small start-ups.

We began in 2004, by building a course evaluations forum for the University of Virginia called This evaluation forum changed the way professors and students interacted by making the market for information about courses open and fluid. The project was driven by a desire to give something of value to the University community, and to build a solution that was a step change in terms of efficiency from the various systems and services available to students at the time. This self-sustaining forum now has over 2,000 active users every day.

Previously, Alan was a Sustainability Executive in Sydney, Australia for the Global Sustainability Group of Lend Lease, an international real estate, construction and investment company. Jeff was Director of Search and Integration at Hotelicopter, an online hotel search engine, and Founder of Falling Creek Design Group, a web development company.

Our background and attitude mean that we can be different from most other business consulting companies out there, both in the kinds of projects we undertake, as well as the style in which we go about them.

Who we are