Minimalist Systems





What We Do

We are strategy consultants with a focus on minimalist business process solutions and data-driven analysis. We specialize in human-centered technology, knowledge, and business solutions.

Night Train Consulting is:

  1. A sandbox for incubating products
    Such as next generation knowledge management and recruitment tools
  2. Technology advisers
    With a bias for minimalistic, open source, and socially-conscious solutions
  3. Data analysis nerds
    Able to help you sort through your options pragmatically when there seems like many possible ways forward

We are big picture thinkers and systems engineers, which means we help you think holistically about your needs and pull inspiration from all over the world for replication, whether in or outside your company.

We are faster, more flexible, and an order of magnitude cheaper than large consulting companies, and strive for solutions that are minimalistic, mutualistic, and meaningful. Talk to us about what that philosophy means for your company or project.

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